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Proven Keto Diet for Weight Loss

Fat Blasting Keto Diet Plan in Miami

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At Physicians Weight Loss Center Miami, we offer a medically supervised keto diet plan that has been very successful in helping our patients lose weight for many years.

Many of us have heard of the widely-publicized keto diet. However, many patients at Physicians Weight Loss Centers Miami don’t have a good grasp on what exactly this diet entails. In short, the keto diet cuts out carbohydrates from your diet, so your body needs to burn fat to get the energy it needs. Of course, this is a very surface-level explanation. At Physicians Weight Loss Centers Miami, we can walk you through the pros and cons of the advanced keto plan and how it works to help you lose weight.

Our keto program is perfect for individuals who have trouble staying on a diet and who are looking to lose weight in a shorter amount of time.*

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We are taking the following steps to provide a safe experience for our patients and staff.

  1. We are working with a reduced staff to limit exposure
  2. The center will be professionally cleaned and sanitized daily
  3. Liquid hand sanitizer will be available in every room.
  4. Everyone entering the center will be required to wear a mask and gloves.
  5. Appointments will be strictly followed to allow enough time for each patient and to keep the lobby clear
We realize that this is a difficult time for our patients and because of this, we are offering 15% off everything!


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About Our Keto Diet Program

Physicians Weight Loss Centers has developed an advanced keto plan to assist you along your weight loss journey. We understand losing lots of weight in a short period of time is difficult, if not impossible, with a traditional diet. Our plan is formulated to get your body into ketosis, reduce cravings, and shed water weight. You can expect the following when you choose our medically-supervised plan:

  • Medically supervised plan
  • Three meals a day
  • A diet low in fat and cholesterol (30% fat)
  • 50% protein content in daily meals (high protein)
  • Low carbohydrate intake, at about 20% of your diet
  • Approximately 700 calories per day
  • Energy boosts
  • Satisfying, no matter your tastes
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We Make the Keto Diet Easy

For many people, the problem with keto is getting started. There is a lot to learn about this program in order to successfully lose weight. One of the many benefits of coming to Physicians Weight Loss Centers in Miami is we make it easy for you to start and lose weight on a medically supervised keto diet plan.

Get individualized one-on-one counseling in person to ensure you get amazing results. Our experienced team teaches you what to eat, when and how to eat. We’re also available to answer any questions you have. Our counselors make sure the keto plan is realistic for you, easily fits into your lifestyle and teaches you how to keep the weight off.

Physicians Weight Loss Centers in Miami have a proven track record of success when it comes to weight loss. Let our experienced team help you with an easy to follow keto diet program that will get you the results you are looking for!

Am I a Good Match for the Keto Diet?

If the advanced keto plan sounds exciting to you, it’s time to decide if you’re a good match for this diet. Generally speaking, we recommend the keto program at Physicians Weight Loss Centers Miami for those who have had trouble sticking to other diets or individuals who need to shed a lot of weight on a time crunch. The advanced keto plan may also be effective for those struggling with obesity or type 2 diabetes. If you feel you would do well with the keto diet, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team.

Why Choose Us?

The team at Physicians Weight Loss Centers Miami is here to be your partner in weight loss strategies. Keto diets are challenging to stick to when you have no one to hold you accountable. It’s no secret that dieting is difficult, especially when you need to perfectly craft your meals to see the best results. Our physicians are always here to help you stay on track and reintroduce carbohydrates into your diet once the keto plan has run its course. Our friendly staff and medically-supervised advanced keto plan are what set us apart from the crowd. Weight loss starts at just $2.75 a day!

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Weight Loss As Low As $2 a Day



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